What to do in Valencia

If we want to enjoy a wonderful city like Valencia, the first thing we have to differentiate is between doing activities with children or if you travel alone or with a partner.

If traveling with children there is plenty to do in Valencia, we highlight for example 3 Activities:

– Go to Bioparc, gorgeous Zoo with animals from all geographic areas so that our children will have a great time.

what to do in valencia? Go to Bioparc-Valencia

Gulliver Park, situated in the Turia riverbed, based on the story of Jonathan Swift, the children will be next to the Giant Lilliputians that is covered with slides so that they can have fun.
Oceonografic, is the largest aquarium in Europe, where most fabulous marine creatures of the world.

gulliver park
gulliver park

Adults, What to do in Valencia? For Adults also have endless proposals. Some would emphasize such as:

– Exhibition at the IVAM, is one of the leading contemporary museums that currently exist
– Eating a Paella Valenciana, is one of the most famous dishes of the world. In Pilsener restaurant, located in the Paseo de la Alameda, 38, can eat the Authentic Paella, as in the past cooked.
City of Arts and Sciences, is currently one of the emblems of the city, is an architectural masterpiece that is in modern Europe.
Market Square, is very interesting to see the variety of fruits, vegetables, seafood and fish that exist in the Mediterranean. In this market you can enjoy this wonder.


Fortunately we have many activities you can enjoy as travelers or tourists. Surely we will not have mentioned a few that are interesting like going to an opera or go to Palau for lovers of music, or enjoy a stroll through our channel of the River Turia, but most important is that the tourist discover the city itself it and enjoy it.

What to do in Valencia, Spanish Versión

Where you can eat an authentic Seafood Paella?

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