The Paella, the best Paella

The Paella, Where you can eat an authentic Paella in Valencia Restaurant?

The Paella originated in the Albufera. It started with the rice from Asia, Europe came into ordinary use there in the eighteenth century.

¿Where you can eat The Paella in Valencia?
The Paella

There are historians who say that the Paella, the real Paella has to carry Anguilla, snails and green beans. True, according to each geographical area, began to experiment with the paella and add the typical products originating either with seafood, farm products, vegetables, etc, we have seen even with sobrasada de Mallorca or with foie gras and porcini in the paella.

Our form of preparation the paella is quite traditional, very important our water containing elemental for even cooking.

The important sofrito with garden tomato and garlic, primarily chicken and sauce and roasted rabbit well with plenty of oil. Water to the nails of the paella pan.

Add the Jewish Perona and coloring with smoked paprika and salt. Let cook over high heat until we find the flavor. Do not forget taste always the salt

When boiling the water, with chicken, rabbit and vegetables, we have to add the rice (very well calculated per person) and cook.

Then add the snails and artichokes to bachoqueta. A few minutes before the end, we introduce rosemary branch, so that the aroma of Mt. The paella is almost ready.

Finally and this is what seems to have more difficulty, is to find the rice, in our case we like integer.

This is how we see the authentic the Paella Valenciana.

Where you can eat an authentic Paella Valenciana?

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Where you can eat an authentic Paella?

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