Seafood Paella Restaurant

Seafood Paella Restaurant in Valencia

The Seafood Paella Restaurant, as we have said on occasion has its origins in the set of originating products to every village had around, in this case, peoples of the Mediterranean Sea.

The «paella» or «paella pan» is the container or utensil where rice is cooked, is circular with side handles great consistency, and thus allows us to transport the diner’s table more comfortably.

seafood paella restaurant in Valencia

seafood paella

Preparing a seafood paella Restaurant

The preparation of dry rice seafood, you have to make a sauce of «Valencia’s cloxina» with white prawns, Cotado beach’s squid into small pieces and crayfish with their head included .. When this is added tomato sauce with garlic garden.

Add the fish stock we have done with some monkfish head and small fishes or whitebait. It is important to choose the fish that we have to make the background, because adding any fish head, such as hake, this contains a lot of fat, eg rice then we can be very greasy.

We add the dye and smoked paprika broth and a little paprika. If we add the heads of the prawns and crayfish and squeeze and extract all the juice to the broth is going to be an excellent flavor.

We add salt and boil down until you find the perfect flavor. Then add the rice and let it dry until we balance the pan and the rice is completely dry.

We can give you a «coup» oven a couple of minutes while controlling not burn us.

This is how we see the Seafood Paella.

La paella de marisco. Spanish Version

Where you can eat an authentic Seafood Paella?

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